The Lion´s Dream

DBR cal. .30/06 – .30/06

The Lions Dream
The lightweight hunting companion

This DBR model consists almost entirely of Grade V titanium – a titanium alloy with small proportions of aluminum and a higher proportion of vanadium. The barrel is made from high quality steel. As a result of the high titanium proportion, this large caliber rifle only weighs 4.4 kg, thus making it suitable for hunting small game. The dioptic sight on the breech plug cap enables simple, accurate targeting without an additional lens. The rifle has a conventional big game stock with a straight stock back and a German cheekpiece.

DBR Mod. 48 Titanium, cal. .30/06 – .30/06

Rifle Weight

9,7 lbs

Barrel Lenght

23,6 inch

Bullet Weight

165 grain


2799 ft/s


2872 ft/lbs
Witnesses of a prehistoric era

In this one-off in the DBR cal. .30/06 – .30/06 range, the forearm end cap, made of mammoth ivory, is decorated with scrimshaw engraving. This technique, developed centuries ago by whale hunters, allows details to be intricately worked in natural materials. The underside of the ivory is decorated with the head of a lion skeleton. A perfectly formed eye of the predator looks out from the side. On the top face, the artist immortalized the likeness of a gnu.

The Lions Dream
The Lions Dream
The Lions Dream
A rifle with soul

The riflemaker´s craftsmanship in consummate perfection combined with the unique talent of the artist engraver have created a work of art with high, lasting value. Future generations will look at this masterpiece and sense the dedication of its creators.

King of the Savannah

The engraving on the underside of the rifle tells the story of lion hunting for prey. The Bulino technique complements the scrimshaw engraving here to produce a perfect, lifelike scene.

Unique craftsmanship

The filigree ivory miniature on the pistol grip is a unique masterpiece. Only a few artists worldwide still possess this skill. The artistically carved lion is protected by an unbreakable, totally scratch resistant sapphire glass.

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