Russian Five

Russian Five

DBR Mod.46

DBR Mod. 46 cal. 9.3X62 – 9.3X62

Rifle Weight

9,5 lbs

Barrel Lenght

23,6 inch

Bullet Weight

19 g


2428 ft/s


3837 ft/lbs
The Year 2012’s innovation

This new and recently patented model, which weighs only 4.3 kg, is the result of the constant development undertaken at Fuchs Fine Guns. The DBR 46 has been designed particularly for shooting medium-size game in Europe, America and Africa.

This universal hunting rifle offers an ideal solution for all those hunters who can’t or won’t make up their minds when offered a double express rifle or a repeater. Our solution combines both rifle systems in the DBR 46 Double Barrel Repeater.

The Year 2012’s innovation

Thanks to its vaulted shape, the dimensions of the DBR 46 mean that, at a weight of little more than four kilograms, it takes its place in the history of rifles as a genuine lightweight among double barrel rifles.

Russian Five
Russian Five
Slim in design and perfect in every detail

The extra compact magazine in the hardest titanium steel provides the rifle with a total capacity of six shots. The elegant satin sheen of the surface finish and the perfectly cut fish-scale effect expertly convey the impression of workmanship of the highest order.

Our artist, one of the global elite of master engravers, created the “Russian Five” in 24 carat gold complete with a white gold tiger on the magazine cover.

Slim in design and perfect in every detail

The engraver dominates the complex art of chasing with hardly a rival and has created a special Russian foliage design for our clients. Lovingly crafted details, such as the bolt handle ball or the wonderful monogram in brilliant cutting, impress everyone who sets eyes on them.

Russian Five

As the final manufacturing stage at Fuchs Fine Guns, the engraving elevates the DBR 46 Double Barrel Repeater to a composite masterpiece in which rifle technology, art and functionality are perfectly combined.

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