Perfect Pair

Double Express Rifle Pair

Cal. .375 H&H Flanged

These traditional double barrels are made from 100% super stainless S700 steel, a particularly high quality stainless steel. They have sidelocks with catch bars, double underlug lock and ejector. The stock was built for an open sight, thus permitting much more rapid firing. The front leaver on the forearms gives the rifle a more solid feel and a compact look. The stock is made from the finest Turkish walnut with root burl wood from the Caucasus – the rich grain in the wood greatly enhances its unusual appearance.

Double Express Rifle Super Stainless 700 cal. .375 H&H FL – .375 H&H FL

Rifle Weight

9,9 lbs

Barrel Lenght

23,6 inch

Bullet Weight

300 grain


2425 ft/s


3930 ft/lbs
Identical twins
These two mechanically identical double barrels in the cal. .375 H&H Flanged range are probably the only brace of its kind in the world. They are indistinguishable in their handling and characteristics. The engraving presented a tremendous challenge as the S700 steel is a formidable material. Each of the rifles is decorated with a different motif – which makes them externally unique while being identical inside. The beautifully worked intricate detail of these masterpieces is synonymous with perfect gunsmith craftsmanship.
Perfect Pair
Perfect Pair
Perfect Pair
Created by a master craftsman

The engraving was done in English scroll by a world famous master engraver. He used Bulino engraving for the impressive animal motifs – lion and leopard on one rifle, with an elephant and rhino on its twin.

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