The Marksman Hunter

A new dimension

With the production of the exclusive Marksman Hunter, single barrel repeater, superior craftsmanship has reached a new milestone. This unique design by Fuchs Fine Guns has managed to combine the classic Marksman rifle and the hunting rifle. Naturally, only the best and most precise barrels – super match grade – are processed.

Thanks to the recently patented trigger and bolt head, precision has been raised to the highest level. With its built-in interior safety mechanism, the trigger provides a minimal and crisp trigger action which guarantees optimal reliability of engagement.

Marksman Hunter cal. .338 Lapua Mag.

Rifle Weight

11 lbs

Barrel Lenght

26 inch

Bullet Weight

250 grain


2953 ft/s


4842 ft/lbs
A unique fusion of elegance and high precision

The components used are made from the best materials on high precision machines and finished by hand. Particular emphasis is laid on a slim elegant shape where, even with high caliber loads such as the .338 Lapua Mag. cartridge, a fine design is possible. The bolt lugs are ground in by hand. The chamber of each rifle is ground and honed to the finest degree. Thanks to this procedure, the ideal cartridge seating can be assured. The extra large “overhead extractor claw” guarantees one hundred per cent functionality even in extreme conditions.

Engraving carried out by master craftsmen
The artist brings together the skills of the goldsmith and the enameller. The combination of 24 carat red gold and green enamel symbolically represents the Siberian birch forests. The ram’s head is inlaid in 24 carat gold using bulino dot techniques. The silver finishings are created from solid material. Our artist has created a stylized ram’s head to finish off the front stock. The monogram plate is provided with a red gold inlay where the letter R is engraved with a diamond pattern.
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