DBR Hummingbird
For DBR fans

The mini Double Barrel Repeater is available in cal. .22lr, 22 Mag., .17HMR and also in 22 Hornet.

The riflemakers at Fuchs Fine Guns use the sophisticated double bolt action designed by Joseph Szecsei for this compact yet efficient rifle. The rifle immediately feels ‘just right‘ when you handle it.

DBR Mod. 22 Hummingbird, cal. .17HMR – .17HMR

Rifle Weight

7,7 lbs

Barrel Lenght

21,7 inch

Bullet Weight

17 grain


2549 ft/s


246 ft/lbs
Smooth as silk

This rifle functions with watch-like precision. When users remove the bolt, they immediately notice the accuracy, technical precision and jewel-like fit. The same holds true for the harmony with which the magazine closes and the way its overall action and components fit together. The ten-shot capacity will please every rifle user. This rifle is made for discerning aficionados and collectors.

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