Elegant Hunter

Shot gun

Elegant Hunter
Everything in harmony

This elegant and timeless design is a feature of the flint lock era.

The perfect English engraving by Pedretti, framed in fine gold inlay, flows smoothly into the beautifully grained wood. As soon as one opens and closes the breach, one becomes aware of the quality workmanship of this rifle. Perfection is both the goal and the norm at Fuchs Fine Guns.

Side-by-Side Shot Gun cal. .12/76 – .12/76

Rifle Weight

7,5 lbs

Barrel Lenght

28 inch

Bullet Weight

52 gramm
Harmonious interplay

The beautiful curves of the tears at the end of the side plate reveal the perfect match of wood and steel. When viewed from the back, the rifle flows in harmony and to particular advantage while in use. The appearance is made complete through intricate detail, narrow lock key and infinite mussel shell patterns.

Elegant Hunter
Elegant Hunter
The heart of the hunter

The heart of the flint is the sidelock, which is shown here greatly enlarged. In the picture, it can easily be seen how precisely the parts fit together. Low friction resistance and enormous stability in the components of the lock is achieved by the application of special coatings

Elegant Hunter
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