Classic Mauser

Mountain Hunter

For Mountain Hunting

We built this Mauser in caliber .270 Weatherby Magnum and designed it as a long distance rifle traditionally used for mountain hunting. Using engineering expertise to combine the original Mauser bolt sleeve with a type B safety bolt, the safety bolt only needs to be half raised so as to eliminate interference with mounted optics.

al. .270 WTH Mag.

Rifle Weight

8,2 lbs

Barrel Lenght

25,6 inch

Bullet Weight

140 grain


3300 ft/s


3386 ft/lbs
Golden moonlight – a highlight

Mountain flowers and the combination of Baroque-styled foliage along with gold tendrils add the finishing touches to this Mauser action. The classic Suhler claw mount, shown here, is fast disappearing from the rifle market.


Only a handful of technically-adept master rifle makers still possess the technique to create this type of mount. Consummate skill is required when painstakingly fitting the many critical surfaces ensuring precision from one shot to the next.

“Mountain deer in the moonlight” is the theme of this engraving. The tried-and-true magazine release is rarely seen on modern rifles. It enables easy and rapid access to the magazine for loading and unloading.

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