Blue Boy

Over & Under DBR Rifle
Cal. 8x68S-8x68S

The Over & Under DBR arose from the idea of creating a vertical DBR from the horizontal version. Internally, the Over & Under has a completely different character. The masculine appearance with its dynamic shape, which is also reflected in the shape of the stock, and its elegantly moulded details attract admiring glances. Every one of these details is intricately and masterfully worked.

Over & Under DBR, cal. 8x68S – 8x68S

Rifle Weight

11,5 lbs

Barrel Lenght

23,6 inch

Bullet Weight

11.7 g


3248 ft/s


4229 ft/lbs
Perfect for Down Under

The free-floating barrels bring genuine advantages to the hunter. They are easily adjustable. The first shot, which should be made using the front trigger, can be used for distances of up to 300 meters. The hunter with an Over & Under DBR has at his disposal the functions of both a traditional single barrel repeater and a classic double barrel rifle.

Blue Boy
Blue Boy
Blue Boy
An advantage in case of emergency

Repeat once and two shots are in the chamber! This offers maximum safety. With the four-shot magazine, the total capacity increases to six cartridges. If you want something more elegant, you can use the narrow two-shot magazine.
Rapid assembly with Picatinny rail for all types of scopes reinforces the comfortable handling of the Over & Under DBR.

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